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Adventuring into the wilds of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can be a dangerous, daunting undertaking. After just a few hours exploring the world of Skyrim, your quest log will be brimming with dungeon dives and missives to faraway locales. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially with so much freedom.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of handy tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Skyrim experience. Even seasoned Skyrim veterans returning for the recent remaster can learn a thing or two about the game’s massive

Be careful when allocating talent points within the game’s many skill trees. You won’t get another chance to reset these points if you decide that you’ve made a mistake. Take a moment to think about which playstyle best suits you (or your character) and invest carefully.

Note: The “Dragonborn” expansion allows players to reset individual skill trees and refund points at the cost of dragon souls. This ability requires completion of the DLC.

The first few times you encounter a dragon in Skyrim are epic. The monsters’ shouts will rend the sky, and you’ll probably be sent scurrying for cover a few times. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off as your character gets stronger, and these fights can become mundane — especially if you’re playing a melee warrior, and the dragon doesn’t want to land and fight.

Similarly, the zombie-like draugr can inspire fear when you first see them rising from their tombs, but the game’s many dungeons are lined with these suckers, so you’ll inevitably get bored of battling them. Keep the fights fresh by finding new ways to defeat your enemies, using a combination of weapons, magic, and shouts.


Former footballer player and wrestler Lenwood Hamilton is suing the creators of Gears of War, claiming the company stole his likeness and nickname “Cole Train” for Gears of War.

This news comes via TMZ, and although the report doesn’t specify which company is being sued, we can assume it is either Epic or Microsoft.

Hamilton also claims to be acquainted with Lester Speight, voice of Augustus Cole (Cole Train) in Gears of War, from when they were wrestlers together in Soul City Wrestling. Hamilton says he discussed creating the Cole Train character for a video game with Speight, and is suing him also.

Further accusations include the character’s physical appearance being identical to his own, with Hamilton also wearing a derby hat, wrist bands, and sporting a gold front tooth. He also claims he hired a forensic voice examiner to compare his voice to Cole’s with the results being “indistinguishable.”

Hamilton says his son’s friend showed him Gears of War in January last year, and this was the first time he discovered the character. He’s suing for sales and profits, and given how much Gears of War has made since 2006, he could be suing for a lot, if the case goes through.

A judge finally ruled in favor of letting the Lindsay Lohan versus Grand Theft Auto case move forward last year, but the lawsuit was dismissed just a few months later.

The horror about escaping hell

After finishing Doom it occurred to me how much fun it is to visit hell. Maybe it’s the hotter-than-tropical climate, or the hedonism of the locals, or the sense of ancient evil that pervades every corner, but I find it quite a pleasant place to be. So it’s lucky that Agony is a game set entirely in hell, and though it tasks you with escaping the devil’s cesspit, you’ll at least get some good sightseeing done in the meantime.

Agony is the work of Polish studio Madmind, which counts talent responsible for The Witcher 3, The Division and Enemy Front among its ranks. According to the studio’s write up, “players will begin their journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about his past.” Sounds like my perfect holiday!

“The special ability to control people on their path, and even possess simple minded demons, gives the player the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions they are in. By exploring hostile environment and interacting with the other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mystical Red Goddess.”

Online Games makes Mind Stress-Free

In current times playing online games is getting much viral as the people of all age groups make themselves busy with it. The online games are a wonderful discovery of internet which makes life pleasing by filling it with entertainment. Therefore the online games are one of the best methods for any individual to take a break from their busy schedule and become stress-free.

The main reason for its capability of making the individual stress free is just because it diverts the mind of the individual by leaving everything aside. These online games are very easily available on the internet, and that too free which will enhance the interest of the individual in playing those games. One of those sites is the www.muchgames.com. This site provides Johnny Upgrade 2 games. In this list of games, there are 20 game collections. All those games can be played free of cost on the internet by the individual.

Apart from the 20 game collection available in the website of www.much games.com, that site also offers other attractive games like the strategy games, racing games, adventure games, stimulation games, flash games and many more games. The games included in the Johnny Upgrade 2 are the Johnny Upgrade 2, Johnny Rocketfingers, Johnny Rocketfingers 2, Legend of Johnny, Johnny why are you late, Johnny Deep, Johnny El Sucio and much more. All these games have their different charms which make people engaged with it. Another game Johnny Icecream is the game which is quite well known among the people.

Out of the long list of games provided by much games, any individual can choose the game basing upon his particular interest. Though there are a lot of variations in each type of game still mostly people prefer the games with graphics and sound effects as well as excellent visual effects. For that reason, people keep on exploring the websites regarding the new arrival of games as soon as they login the site.

Another advantage of these online games is it helps in increasing the concentration. It is just because by playing these games individual can be able to sit at a particular place for a long time. Due to that reason when people get in touch with these online games or once they have played it, these games get successful in winning the hearts of the individual. Since there is no age limit in those gaming sites so the individual of every age group can be able to play.

With time the individual gains efficiency in playing a single game multiple times which makes the individual joyful. Also, the incorporation of different types of themes and purposes in the game makes it interesting with both the feeling of excitement and fun.  The games are formulated with the incorporation of a storyline that attracts the people. For example the shooting games, which will be liked by the people who were into the defence services. Similarly, the children want to play the games those were high sound and excellent graphics.


Pokemon by their nature are supposed to be cute creatures that act as allies to their human trainers, but dig beneath the surface and there’s a lot of darkness to the adorable pocket monsters.

In the spirit of Halloween, we put together the 10 most terrifying Pokemon based on the information provided in the games and TV show. Based on this list, children in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos — and likely Alola — regions would do better running from these Pokemon than trying to catch them.

Kadabra is a powerful psychic Pokemon that was introduced back in Generation 1, but its origin story has evolved over the years. Despite the fact it is an evolution of Abra, the Pokedex entries in both Emerald and FireRed show that Kadabra actually has a much more human origin. Both of those entries say Kadabra was actually once a boy with psychic abilities, who then transformed into a Pokemon.

Phantump’s Pokedex entry says it’s possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest, making this one incredibly disturbing and sad Pokemon. It also makes catching one sort of weird. Sorry, Phantump.

Poor Cubone is wearing the skull of its dead mother — which probably explains why it cries all the time. When Cubone evolves into Marowak, it finally overcomes its grief — only to be strong and tough enough to defeat any enemy in its path. With bones.


All forms of entertainment have their unfinished projects, but I’ve found there’s always something especially painful about learning that a long-awaited game will never come out. We never properly knew it, so it’s not exactly like the loss of a loved one; it’s more like spending years wanting to visit a well-loved landmark, only to find it’s been wiped off the map or irreparably damaged. The interactivity of games means these are real memories we’re losing out on.

Thousands of games have suffered such a fate. We don’t even know the names of many of them, but some have had their names shouted to crowds at shows like E3 and generated discussions even some properly released games should envy. These are the games we’re talking about here, and fittingly for the bad luck so many of them seem to have suffered, there are thirteen of them.

Fable Legends is the youngest casualty on this list, having been officially cancelled only last month at the time of writing. Its gameplay borrowed heavily from a multiplayer concept made popular in games like Evolve, wherein one player acts as the villain while four others try to take him or her down. Legends’ main appeal is that it oozed with the Fable series’ signature personality, right down to individualized fart emotes for each hero and its wondrously vibrant hub city of Brightlodge. But hints of its eventual doom were apparent even shortly after its 2012 announcement, whether it was its frequent delays, the constant media blackouts and secrecy, or the shift to a free-to-play model early last year. The actual cancellation thus came only as a slight surprise, but the true gut punch was the total loss of Lionhead Studios, which never really shed the goodwill it had earned from 2008’s Fable II. Lionhead never gave us another game like that, but much in the style of Peter Molyneux, Lionhead’s famously enthusiastic founder, it was always fun to dream of what could be.

Games of Platinum Trophy

Are you ready for an uphill battle? To get the platinum trophy in Metal Gear Solid 4, you have to play through the game no fewer than eight times. You have to pull off all kinds of crazy feats, including obtaining the Big Boss Emblem. How do you get that? Oh, just play through the game on the hardest difficulty, without dying, without alerting any guards, without killing anyone, and without using any health recovery items. All that, and you have to do it in less than five hours. Good luck.

Games don’t tend to have achievements like “World Champion” anymore, and for a very good reason: They’re impossible for the vast majority of players to earn. To get the “World Champion” achievement, all you have to do is climb to the No. 1 slot on the universal leaderboard — meaning you have to be better at the game than anyone else in the world. I mean, come on.

One of the more absurd and downright player-hostile achievements in gaming is Rock Band 2‘s “The Bladder of Steel Award,” a reward that unlocks when you complete the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing a song. That might sound reasonable until you learn that Endless Setlist 2 lasts for six and a half hours. Bladder of steel indeed. Afterward you might want a game to play on the toilet and take your mind off things.

Most Twisted Video Games

People play video games for all sorts of reasons. Some people play games that cheer them up. Others play them because they games that challenge them like nothing else. And then there are those who want to experience something dark, something awful and horrifying. It’s the same impulse that drives us to watch horror movies or read a Stephen King classic. The following games are all good enough to be worth your time, but they’re definitely not for everyone — especially not kids. Check them out, if you dare.

In an underwater utopia created by an Ayn Rand devotee, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out the answer is “a lot.” By the time your character makes it to the city of Rapture, a civil war has killed the majority of the population. The remaining people are mostly either mutated soldiers or completely insane. To find out more, you’ll either have to play it or watch the video above.

Here’s a premise you don’t hear every day. In Manhunt, you play a prisoner who was supposed to be executed by lethal injection — but you wake up. Your savior is a demented director who tasks you with carrying out a series of gruesome gang murders to create snuff films. Obviously, this game just is not for kids, or for anyone who doesn’t want to take a walk on the dark side. The compilation of executions above proves it.

A litany of horrors awaits anyone who plays a Silent Hill game, from pyramid-headed monsters to twitchy undead nurses, to knife-wielding monster children. But the worst/best thing about the series is the way the games get in your head. Everything depicted here is just wrong, and it leaves you feeling disgusted, creeped out, and kind of violated when you stop playing. What more could you ask for from a horror game? See for yourself above.


Few gaming accomplishments feel quite as good as completing an archaic series of events deep into an adventure, only to find yourself face-to-face with an enemy that most players didn’t even know existed. From celestial beings and playground legends, to inside jokes and series throwbacks, here are our 10 favorite secret bosses in video games.

Back in ’95, the idea of Square and Nintendo making a game together seemed impossible, and yet lo and behold Super Mario RPG was gifted to the world along with its ridiculously tough boss Culex. In the dark corners of the game’s Monstro Town resides a Culex, a foe who shrugs off Super Mario RPG’s two point five D aesthetics, and goes straight up Final Fantasy on the plumber and his crew. Seeing his iconic crystals, hearing the Final Fantasy music, and finally taking down Culex was one of the most satisfying moment of the entire game.

Destiny fans are about as hardcore as they come, so it’s no surprise that Bungie’s ambitious online shooter made its way onto this list. This secret boss was discovered by the community and is only available when the Daily Heroic mission ‘LOST TO LIGHT” shows up randomly. In classic Bungie fashion, as the level collapses to its end, there is a hidden path that leads Driviks, the Chosen. Players have a mere 10 minutes to complete the task and — of course — Driviks is not easy to beat. Your reward? The highly sought after and must-own Black Spindle exotic sniper — and this is the only way you’re going to get it.

The worlds of the Elder Scrolls games are rife with secrets, but few are as cool as Karstaag in Skyrim. Going through the rigorous steps to summon the ghostly Frost Giant is quite the feat, but the reward is absolutely worth it. If you manage to slay the beast, the Dragonborn is given the ability to summon the powerful creature three times. Trust us, it’s worth it.